A selection of recent work – including broadcast, online video and photography – for a range of international outlets. Through my Kenya-registered production company, I also offer location services to international television, documentary and film crews. Working with a talented and experienced local team, recent clients have included BBC, Channel 4 and CBS. 

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH – 'Chained and Locked Up in Somaliland' (Self-shooting producer); AL JAZEERA ENGLISH – 'Chained in Somaliland' (Photographer)

People in Somaliland with mental health conditions – rates of which are believed to be high – are increasingly forced into institutions, where they face serious abuses. Chaining, often for months on end, is widespread. I travelled to Hargeisa to document their situation for Human Rights Watch using video and photo to run alongside their October 2015 report Chained Like Prisoners’: Abuses Against People with Psychosocial Disabilities in Somaliland. Al Jazeera English also published some of my material from the trip as a photo gallery

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH – 'Gay Men Targeted on Kenyan Coast' (Self-shooting producer)

Mobs in Kenya's coastal region have repeatedly attacked people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity, PEMA Kenya and Human Rights Watch said in a report released in September 2015. Shot in July 2015 on assignment with Human Rights Watch.

MONOCLE 24 – Join me on a 15-minute radio journey around Nairobi as part of Monocle 24's The Voyager series (Reporter/producer).

BBC NEWS – Women of Africa: Kenyan gives up pay to teach in schools (Self-shooting producer/reporter) and for World Service radio (reporter)

Jacqueline Jumbe-Kahura helps Kenyan teachers overcome the challenges that many face by providing vital training, resources and access to support networks.

BBC/KEO FILMS – 'Millennium Children' (Additional photography) 

Almost two billion children have been born since the turn of the millennium. They are the first generation of the 21st century.

This hour-long documentary, broadcast on BBC1 in September 2015, sets out to ask what kind of a world these millennium children are about to inherit.

BBC NEWS – Changing Kenya's education by phone (Self-shooting producer/reporter)

Eneza Education's co-founders Toni Maraviglia and Kago Kagichiri are using Kenya's mobile phone network to try and change education.

They describe Eneza as "a virtual tutor and teachers' assistant, a way for students to access courses through a low-cost cell phone" (November 2015); above image by Allan Gichigi.

BBC NEWS – Catherine Mahugu, 30 Under 30 and Linda Kwamboka, 30 Under 30

Catherine Mahugu is the founder of Soko, an e-commerce platform based in Kenya and San Francisco in the USA, which allows local artisans to sell handcrafted jewellery directly to the consumer.

Linda Kwamboka co-founded MFarm, which aims to empower farmers, both in Kenya and around the globe.

CHANNEL 4/TRUE VISION PRODUCTIONS – 'My Son the Jihadi' (Assistant producer)

In 2011, Thomas Evans left his family home in Buckinghamshire and travelled to Somalia to join the deadly Islamist group al-Shabaab, behind atrocities including the Westgate shopping mall attack in neighbouring Nairobi. This film – aired on Channel 4 on 22 October 2015 – documents the struggle of his mother Sally Evans and his brother Micheal to reconcile the 'normal teenage lad' they knew with the jihad-preaching Islamist he then became. 

  • "by some distance the most powerful documentary I have seen this year" – The Telegraph
  • "technically near-perfect television" – The Times
  • "an extraordinary documentary that leaves you feeling numb. A desperately sad story about one family; but also an important one, one of the big stories of now" – The Guardian

Credits – Director: Peter Beard; Producer: Richard Kerbaj; Executive Producer for True Vision: Brian Woods; Commissioning Editors for Channel 4: Amy Flanagan, Siobhan Sinnerton

BBC NEWS – 'Kenyan loan rates linked to soil quality' (Shoot/edit producer)  

As soil degradation becomes more of a problem across the African continent, a Kenyan company is seeking to promote soil preservation by offering 'green loans'  to farmers (July 2015).

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH – 'Muslims Trapped in Central African Republic' (Self-shooting producer)

Hundreds of Muslims in western parts of the Central African Republic remain trapped in enclaves in deplorable conditions and amid ongoing fighting. Shot in December 2014 on assignment with Human Rights Watch.

BBC NEWS – 'Tangled up in blue: A sticky end to sleeping sickness' (Shoot/edit producer)  

Up to 60 million people in sub-Saharan Africa are at risk of catching sleeping sickness – caused by a parasite passed on by the biting tsetse fly – which is usually fatal if left untreated. 

But researchers in northern Uganda are working to develop a cost-effective solution to eradicate the disease using small blue targets that are irresistible to the tsetse fly (June 2015).

GUARDIAN – 'Besieged Muslims trapped in enclaves' (Photographer)

Hundreds of Muslims are living in deteriorating conditions at camps in the south-west of the Central African Republic, after fleeing attacks by anti-Balaka militia. Shot in December 2014 on assignment with Human Rights Watch.

BBC NEWS – 'Paper test spots counterfeit drugs' (Shoot/edit producer)  

Fake and substandard medicines kill an estimated million people a year. A new paper-based drug tester is being trialled in Kenya to help identify them (June 2015).

CHANNEL 4/QUICKSILVER MEDIA – 'Manhunt: Closing in on a British Paedophile', C4 Dispatches (Shooting researcher)

The inside story of the man described by police as one of Britain's most prolific paedophiles, convicted in December 2014 for sex offences committed in Kenya.

BBC/HARDCASH PRODUCTIONS – 'The White Widow: Searching for Samantha' (Assistant producer)

Hour-long documentary – aired on BBC1 on 2 July 2014 – investigating the life of the world's 'most wanted woman', Samantha Lewthwaite, the Aylesbury schoolgirl and later wife of 7/7 bomber, who became known as the 'white widow'. 

  • "Engrossing", "terrific study of modern mythmaking in action" - The Telegraph

Credits – Producer/Director: Adam Wishart; Executive Producer for Hardcash: David Henshaw; Executive Producer for BBC: Tom Giles

BBC NEWS – 'Kenya's mobile innovation brings digital money closer' (Producer) 

Kenya leaves no doubt about its place as a regional tech leader with innovations in mobile banking and cashless transportation services (July 2014). 

BBC NEWS – 'Maasai women in Kenya meet to discuss practice of FGM' (Producer)

Maasai women in Kenya gathered in June 2014 to debate the abandonment of female genital mutilation (FGM), with some women arguing in favour of the practice. 



BBC NEWSNIGHT – 'Are Kenyan forces behind Makaburi murder?' (Producer) 

Newsnight investigates claims that Kenyan security forces were behind the murder of the controversial Muslim cleric Makaburi in Mombasa in April 2014. 

GUARDIAN – 'Why outlawing female genital mutilation is not enough: the business of cutting' (Self-shooting producer); accompanying text feature 'Kenyan 'cutter' says female genital mutilation is her livelihood', by Daniel Howden (February 2014).

NEW YORK TIMES – 'A New Age for African Artists' (Self-shooting producer); accompanying text feature 'African Artists, Lifted by the Promises of Democracy and the Web', by Nicholas Kulish (January 2014).

ASHOKA – 'Yoga in Africa' tells how the Africa Yoga Project, led by Paige Elenson, is putting African youth at the forefront of an emerging multi-million dollar wellness industry (Self-shooting producer).

MONOCLE 24 – Radio package on innovative multimedia platform Shujaaz.FM, aimed at improving the lives of young people in East Africa (Reporter/producer).

ASHOKA – 'From Inmates in Kenyan Prisons to Ambassadors of Change' tells how the Nafisika Trust is helping to rehabilitate inmates for life after prison, in Kenya's capital Nairobi, where crime rates remain high (Self-shooting producer).

CNN HEROES – 'Pen Farthing' CNN Hero of the Year 2014 (Self-shooting producer, interview and some scenes)

Winner of CNN Hero of the Year 2014, Pen Farthing's Nowzad Dogs reunites soldiers with stray dogs and cats they befriend while serving in Afghanistan. Original edit, longer tribute edit.

DAILY TELEGRAPH – 'Kenya terror attack hero reunited with American family he saved' (Videojournalist) following the Westgate shopping mall attack in September 2013; accompanying text report 'Nairobi mall attack: American family in emotional reunion with rescue hero Abdul Haji', above image by Georgina Goodwin.

SUNDAY TELEGRAPH – 'Hope returns to the streets of Mogadishu' (Videojournalist); accompanying text report from May 2013 ''The future of Somalia is at stake', says president'

BBC PANORAMA – On the trail of al-Shabab's Kenyan recruitment 'pipeline' (Associate producer); broadcast just one week after the Westgate shopping mall attack in the Kenyan capital Nairobi in September 2013.

CNN HEROES – 'Leela Hazzah' Top 10 CNN Hero 2014 (Producer)

HESHIMA KENYA – 'Hawa's story' (Producer/Director)

CNN HEROES – 'Georges Bwelle' Top 10 CNN Hero 2013 (Producer)

THE INDEPENDENT – 'Report from Mogadishu' (Videojournalist)

CNN HEROES – 'Kakenya Ntaiya' Top 10 CNN Hero 2013 (Self-shooting producer)

HESHIMA KENYA – 'Every scarf tells a story' (Producer/Director)