A selection of pieces for newspaper, online and magazines. In addition to my reporting work, I have worked as a researcher and analyst on issues including conflict, sexual violence and urban poverty. I have also written on energy, mining, telecommunications, the media, infrastructure and the financial sector as a market analyst in emerging economies.



Letter from Harare: We finally got our country back, says crowd dancing in the streets, Evening Standard, 22 November 2017
Letter from Harare: Zimbabwe's false dawn turns to tears then furyEvening Standard, 20 November 2017
Defiant Robert Mugabe faces impeachment as the deadline for tyrant leader to resign passes, Evening Standard, 20 November 2017
Gunshots, tear gas and water cannon as Kenyans vote againEvening Standard, 26 October 2017
Letter from Nairobi: Contest haunted by 2007 voteEvening Standard, 9 August 2017

Project Zero for the Huffington Post (as editor or co-reporter/photographer/videographer): 
In Rural Kenya, Escaping A Deadly Disease Sometimes Takes A Little Luck – my images, words, video, 6 September 2017
How This Woman’s Eyelashes Nearly Blinded Her – my images; words by Hannah McNeish, 22 June 2017
This Woman Lived In A Cave Without Health Care While A Parasite Ate At Her Face – my images; words by Hannah McNeish, 23 May 2017
When Getting Health Care Means Hiking Through A Leopard’s Hunting Ground – my images; words by Hannah McNeish, 19 May 2017
Why People With A Treatable Flesh-Eating Disease Don’t Want The Cure – my images and video; words with Hannah McNeish, 19 May 2017
This Woman Survived One Of The Deadliest Snake Attacks – my images; words by Hannah McNeish, 18 May 2017
A Heartbreaking Look At Leprosy In 2017 – words by Sara Perria, 26 April 2017

Other outlets:

Individual Leaders with an International Voice, German Marshall Fund of the United States, 30 June 2017 (blogging as a Spring 2017 Marshall Memorial Fellow)


Abdul Haji: 'The thought that I might die at Westgate mall never crossed my mind'The Observer, 8 December 2013
Mandela: A statesman who built a nation on the platform of his characterChristian Science Monitor, 5 December 2013
Kenya mall attack: Mother who negotiated with terrorist to spare children tells of ordealThe Sunday Telegraph, 6 October 2013
Nairobi mall attack: American family in emotional reunion with rescue hero Abdul HajiThe Daily Telegraph, 30 September 2013
Kenya terror attack: the infighting and chaos that allowed deadly siege to drag on, The Sunday Telegraph, 29 September 2013
Somalia to receive €1.8bn from donors under three-year reconstruction planThe Guardian, 17 September 2013
Analysis: Barclays to cut Somalia's remittance "lifeline", IRIN, 4 July 2013
Barclays set to exit Somali remittance businessFT's This is Africa, 4 July 2013
The Bitter Taste of BiofuelsThink. Magazine, 16 June 2013
Woolwich attack: UK 'took fears over suspected killer lightly'The Sunday Telegraph, 26 May 2013
Woolwich attack: soldier's 'killer' in dock on terror link three years agoThe Sunday Telegraph, 26 May 2013
Britain 'should apologise for colonial injustices' says Kenyan commissionThe Daily Telegraph, 22 May 2013
Analysis: Somali security sector reform, IRIN, 13 May 2013
'The future of Somalia is at stake', says presidentThe Sunday Telegraph, 5 May 2013
Kenya's Supreme Court upholds Uhuru Kenyatta's election winThe Sunday Telegraph, 31 March 2013
Kenya's Raila Odinga lodges legal challenge to election resultThe Daily Telegraph, 16 March 2013
Kenya election: Kenyatta declared victor as Odinga vows to appealThe Sunday Telegraph, 10 March 2013
Uhuru Kenyatta looks to have won Kenyan election with slimmest of marginsThe Daily Telegraph, 9 March 2013
Land holds key to Kenyan rivalries, Al Jazeera English, 4 March 2013
Kenya's slum dwellers fear violence as voting in presidential election to beginThe Sunday Telegraph, 3 March 2013
Alleged gang rape and suppression of press freedom in SomaliaNew Statesman, 1 February 2013
Suffer the ChildrenThink. Magazine, January 2013
Military drones to be thrown into fight to save Africa's White RhinosThe Sunday Telegraph, 6 January 2013


US Embassy staff flee advancing rebel armyThe Times, 29 December 2012 (£)
‘Fragile’ Mandela forbidden to leave JohannesburgThe Times, 27 December 2012 (£)
Democratic Republic of Congo dismisses Goma withdrawal conditionsThe Daily Telegraph, 28 November 2012
Regional leaders call for Congo rebel withdrawal as humanitarian impact deepensThe Daily Telegraph, 24 November

Rwanda and DRC trade accusations of shelling as tensions mountThe Daily Telegraph, 19 November 2012
Hay Festival Nairobi: Exciting times for literature in KenyaThe Daily Telegraph, 17 September 2012
Hay Festival Nairobi: Promoting a culture of readingThe Daily Telegraph, 14 September 2012
If all goes well, Somalia soon may have a governmentChristian Science Monitor, 24 July 2012
Islamist militants attack historic Timbuktu sitesThe Daily Telegraph, 1 July 2012
Kenyan police arrest Iranians suspected of terror plotThe Daily Telegraph, 22 June 2012
Judith Tebbutt: I didn't know my husband had been killed by my kidnappers for two weeksThe Daily Telegraph, 21 March 2012
Judith Tebbutt released by pirates after held hostage for six monthsThe Daily Telegraph, 21 March 2012
Somalia national theatre reopens after 20 yearsThe Daily Telegraph, 20 March 2012
CIA joins hunt for 7/7 widow who 'collaborated with terrorists'The Daily Telegraph, 1 March 2012
Top US General warns of coordination between al-Qaeda-linked African terror groupsThe Daily Telegraph, 1 March 2012
Massive al-Shabaab suicide bomb kills over 80 in Somali capital MogadishuThe Daily Telegraph, 4 October 2011
UN refugee agency warns of crisis 'of unimaginable proportions' in Somalia droughtThe Daily Telegraph, 6 July 2011
At least 20 killed in economic protests in Tunisia and AlgeriaThe Daily Telegraph, 10 January 2011
Two French hostages killed by al-Qaeda kidnappers during failed rescue attemptThe Sunday Telegraph, 9 January

Ivory Coast president orders peacekeepers to leave as crisis escalatesThe Sunday Telegraph, 19 December 2010
Palestine's secret oasisNew Statesman, 4 December 2008

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